Unleash Your Winning Edge in Football Trading

"Unlock the Power of Data-Driven Analysis and Expert Predictions for Optimal Football Trading & Betting Results."

The Forefront Of Football Trading?

At Pro X Trading, we've been at the forefront of the betting exchange markets since 2007, developing proven football trading systems that give us a significant edge. You can access our flagship football trading and betting service: X-Football from 1st August 2023.

With our relentless focus on football trading, X-Football offers you access to 14 meticulously crafted and proven trading strategies.

These strategies, combined with our sophisticated statistical data modules, provide a steady stream of trading opportunities, both pre-game and in-play. We understand that as a sophisticated trader, you demand a robust and reliable system that consistently delivers results.

X-Football provides you with exclusive access to our Slack Trading room and private Telegram broadcasts. These broadcasts serve as real-time trade notifications, alerting you precisely when and how to execute a trade.

You'll receive timely updates and actionable insights, ensuring that you never miss a lucrative opportunity in the fast-paced football markets.

Using cutting edge artificial intelligence (AI) and data analysts we developed a comprehensive suite of statistical data modules that power our trading strategies.

These modules crunch vast amounts of historical and real-time data, enabling us to identify patterns, trends, and market inefficiencies.

This data-driven approach ensures that our strategies are based on objective analysis and proven statistical models, giving you a competitive edge in the market.

With X-Football, you can trade with confidence, knowing that our football trading strategies have solid risk & money management that have been extensively tested and refined through Artificial Intelligence (AI) providing us a consistent track record of consistent profitability.

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Our Slack trading room is the place to ask questions on all aspects of trading and expect to be guided through our trading strategies with number of live hosted trading session each month.

Our AI is monitoring all markets & matches from the biggest football leagues around the world in real-time, this plus the in-play statistical data and odds monitoring.

All suggested trades are manually screened by a number of experts before we send them to our members via a private Telegram broadcast.

Experience the thrill of executing trades based on data-backed insights and enjoy a steady stream of trading opportunities in both pre-game and in-play markets.

Don't wait any longer. Take the first step toward unlocking your winning edge in football trading. Sign up for X-Football today and let our proven strategies and data-driven approach guide you to trading excellence.

Together, we'll revolutionize the way you trade football.

Member Benefits

14 Proven Strategies

You get access to learn and keep our best 14 football trading strategies that you can use to manually trade the live TV games.

Access Private Telegram

Each month you remain as member you will get exclusive access to our Telegram channel where every single trade is sent to.

Money Management Plan

Grow you football trading bank in a structured way with our money management plan that covers all you need to know about risk and trading our strategies

Join X-Football (Free for first 30 days)

You will be given lifetime access to our proven trading strategies even if you don't extend the live sessions beyond the first 30 days.

After this initial trial period its £50 a month + Tax to continue your membership. This can be cancelled at anytime and you still have access to our strategies, just not the live trading room and trading alerts.

So really nothing to lose as you will get a portfolio of football trading strategies at the very least. Set up your membership with us today!